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One of the best research apps, just 'cosmetic' complaints

This is one of the best research apps for iPad. Search capabilities are excellent, it has a briefcase option, as almost all apps, but most importantly, you can open reports in other apps such as GoodReader - for annotation - and DropBox - for storage. A slight drawback is the interface; I prefer the Dashboard look of Barclays and BondHub. Another annoyance is the fact that it takes 2 steps to open a report. The latter easily fixable, until then: 4 out of 5

Dont upgrade if on iOS6

You can no longer save to iBooks which makes offline reading difficult. You have to email to yourself then open in a browser then save to iBooks and the email feature doesnt always work either. Frustrating.... Hold off for a new release

Needs to be updated for iOS6

Unable to save or print reports — iOS6-style sheet drops down from the "redirect" icon, but it is blank.

Great app

A step above competitors apps.

Need iPhone version too

Need iPhone version too

Well-made research tool

BOFA Merrill may be the first broker/dealer to have made an iPad app with direct integration to their research library, and I believe that this will be the preferred way to get research into the hands of clients going forward. I applaud BOFA Merrill's team on creating a simple and clean interface that is very intuitive and responsive. Future updates may benefit from better category breakdowns or Merrill Indices integration. I hope all other broker/dealers recognize the value in using Apps as a way to connect with their clients. I would love to have unfettered access to research from multiple dealers at my fingertips. Thanks for moving us in the right direction,

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